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Dealers WHY

The Best Want MORE. We all want to be great, but the best do what it takes to be great. The best don’t just think about being great, they act on it. They work hard and do the things that others won’t do, and they spend more time doing it. We have created a culture motivated to serve others and produce like no one else.

DLR Financial works with small, medium, and large dealerships who are looking to increase their F&I profit. We turn your top line revenue budget into a profit center with a calculated strategic plan and swift execution. Our entire team is like minded, innovative, and want it more! 

Ready to make a change? It may not be easy but it will be worth it. Working with our talented results driven team will ensure your financial goals are maximized. We are changing the way F& I is done with a people first focus. We value every applicant and utilize all  resources possible to fulfill your dealerships financing needs. 

  • Maximizing your profit – We offer a very competitive split on total  F&I Income.

  • We will financially outperform any competitor and most in house F&I operations.

  • Expanded lender portfolio - Over 20 lenders, local and regional credit unions, near prime, subprime, and deep subprime.

  • We exhaust every lending option and work every deal until we get a solid approval.

  • Fully compliant with complete transparency.

  • Professional back-end product sales.

  • Transparent Reporting – Clear and transparent recap of every deal and all revenue funded.


Produce F&I Income

RV Outsourcing

*We share more of the profit than any other RV outsourcing or Marine outsourcing company-up to 85% based on the unit

*We will either assume the role of your full service F&I department or we will supplement your existing staff

*We will work to maximize finance reserve commission by using the best available lender for your customer at the most optimal rate to deliver the unit

*We will offer an expanded suite of back end F&I protections that your customers will want and at a reasonable profit margin 

Produce F&I profit reporting

Marine Outsourcing

*We will produce quarterly statements that show where your F&I income is coming from

*Full itemization of the details of what products were sold and how often

*We will show you the effectiveness of the rates charged and the credit strength of your customers unlike any other RV outsourcing or Marine outsourcing company in the industry.


*Protect the integrity of information within the loan application and submittal process

*Safeguard all customer information 

*Full regulatory compliance with Red Flag policies and procedures, OFAC verification, document encryption, internet and access point security, and ongoing review of regulatory changes  

*No processing fees or finance charges or complications with Regulation Z

*Direct encrypted link with lenders 

Marine Outsourcing RV Outsourcing

Remit premiums and chargebacks

RV Outsourcing

*For each protection sold, there is a specific carrier and procedure along with a fiduciary duty to remit timely payments  

*We will complete remittal paperwork and submit request forms

*We will collect and remit all product sale premiums through an automatic ACH

*We will process and facilitate payment for any cancellations of coverage 

Full Customer relations

Marine Outsourcing

*Upon receipt of the credit application, we will immediately contact your customer


*We will prepare and submit information to the appropriate lenders and will communicate the approval with the customer and your dealership.


*After your customer accepts an approval we will explain the terms of the loan and offer product protections and close your customer.

*We then forward a digital closing package to your dealership for customer signatures.


Detailed allocation of each sale

RV Outsourcing, Marine Outsourcing

*We will produce quarterly recaps of your unit sales.


*Within the recaps there will be explanations of sales prices, costs of units sold, profit margins and F&I performance


*Attached to each closing package there will be an optional accounting detail that explains how to allocate the debits and credits of the deal. Everything from the unit down to the F&I. This takes the burden of proper allocation off of your staff

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Why choose DLR?

Value - Integrity - Expertise


Everything you ever wanted to know!

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When in doubt choose change!

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