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Frequently Asked Questions




*Do we charge any document fees?—No


*Why do other service companies charge fees? It is a creative way to lower their commission split. Any fee charged to your customer should be your money. Ask us about fee compliance!


*How do I get paid? The proceeds from the unit sale and any F&I revenue generated are deposited to the dealers bank account. A week later DLR will initiate an ACH and deduct the commission and product sale cost and remit to the insurance carriers.

*Does DLR call my customer? Yes. We strive to be an extension of your dealership's customer service. We want to give your client the opportunity to address their financing concerns, review protection options available to them and stay excited about their new purchase.

*Will I see the profit detail of the unit and the F&I? Yes. Every funded sale will have a statement explaining the parts of the transaction.


*What is my split of the deal? Our commission split to the dealer allows you to earn up to 85% of the F&I profit on each sale depending on the amount financed. DLR financial's innovative revenue share program makes sure you continue to maximize profit on each sale. Contact us for details!  

*Who remits the premiums for sold products to the insurance companies? We will do that for you on products that we sell. If a product is sold through another source chosen by your dealership than the dealer will remit payment to the carriers.


*What kind of reports will I get and when do I get them? Each sale will have a detailed profit and accounting statement. The accounting statement is optional and will show how to allocate the sale. There will also be a quarterly statement itemizing every sale along with a detail of gross profit from the unit and F&I.


*What products does DLR sell to my customers? We offer Extended service contracts, Gap insurance, Credit life, Theft protections, and Paint and Fabric coverage. 


*How do I sign up? Give us a call and we will expedite your application and begin preparing lender packages. We will quickly have you up and running with a portfolio of lenders. 

*What do the banks require to get approved? Most require a new product line, a profitable income statement, and a minimum amount of equity. 


*What if my financial statements show losses? There are multiple ways to get approved with a proper explanation.

*How long does it take to get an approval? Depending on the credit profile and the lender approval could be anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours.

*How do I know what is happening on a deal? We will contact you and provide status of your customers application multiple times throughout the approval and funding process.

How do I know if my customer has good credit or not? We will contact you after discussing the application with your customer.

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