Providing F&I outsourcing solutions for the RV and Marine Industry

                                            DLR Financial has the experience and customer focus                                                             combined with a profit sharing platform that will significantly                                                 increase the profitability of your entire dealership. We have                                                   reinvented the profit split in F&I outsourcing to be the                                                             undeniable front runner without losing service or production.                                               When comparing RV financing companies and marine financing companies, know that we are not a low cost provider with minimal benefits and hidden fees.  it's your customer and the F&I profit should be substantial to you and productive for a service company-not the other way around.  Below is a recap of included unique benefits and why we are the best available option:

  • Your Split % can go up to 85% on any unit

  • We have more back end protections than any other service company

  • All products are offered in a casual manner with no sales pressure

  • We share profit on every product we sell 

  • No processing or document fees or minimum profit fees

  • No first look requirements or exclusivity agreements 

  • Soft pull credit inquiries that don't impact your customer's credit and give you instant perspective on their ability to finance

  • Simple and instant credit improvement solutions that could turn a decline into an approval

  • Direct encrypted link with most lenders with faster approval times

  • Commitment to optimize F&I profit by balancing competitive rates and truly understand your customer 

  • Commitment to deliver the unit regardless of F&I profit

  • Full transparency on every part of the sale

  • Full Financial review to help you understand lenders requirements and where you stand

  • Reporting after the sale that will explain how to properly account for the transaction

  • Gross profit reporting that will explain the profitability of the sale and the specifics of the F&I income created 


Whether you are handling F&I in house with dedicated staff or not, or if you are using another service provider, we have a solution that will out-earn virtually any other option your dealership has in play and at almost any size dealership. RV F&I and Marine F&I should be a profit powerhouse but can look minimal if neglected. It can also cost you the  sale of a unit if profit is pushed too far. The balance is understanding what the customer is happy to pay and not forcing F&I profit over a delivery. Every deal has an ideal point to maximize the delivery of the unit and maximize the finance profit. We have the know how and will always put your sale, your customer, and your dealership at the forefront of everything we do.

Please contact us for a simple cost comparison showing how we can service your business and increase your profitability.    

DLR Financial LLC 

360 Central Ave #800 St Petersburg FL 33701

Ph-800.447.2946 Fax-800.458.9043

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