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Application Procedures For dealers

This document serves to educate the dealer on their responsibilities vs. the responsibilities of DLR Financial LLC in the transmission of applications and the closing of deals and funding procedures.

Submitting an application:

  1. Dealer receives a link to their customized credit application.  (They can incorporate this into their website or use the QR code that will be sent to them upon being setup with our lenders.)

  2. Once they have access to the credit application.. They will then be able to submit deals online directly to DLR Financial

  3. After an application is submitted, an underwriter at DLR Financial will process the deal and call the dealer with the results of credit etc. 

  4. At this point documents will then be requested..  To submit an application to the banks, DLR Financial will need access to the following: MSOs/ Title on all applicable collateral, Invoices, Also a buyers order and customers Drivers License. 

Deal Closings:

  1. After a deal is approved, One of our underwriters will call your customer to go over the details of the loan and sell any applicable insurance products which will be added into the deal. 

  2. Once the customer accepts the terms of the deal, DLR Financial will then set a closing date. 

  3. Upon setting a closing date, DLR Financial will then prepare all necessary closing documents and email them to the dealer. 

  4. The dealer will then sign the closing documents along with the customer everywhere that is notated. 

  5. Once the documents are signed, the dealer will then scan and email the documents back to DLR Financial at which point it will be sent in to the bank for funding. 


  1. After the documents are submitted to the bank for funding, Please allow up to 3-5 business days to receive the proceeds

  2. There may be additional things needed that will be requested from the Lender after the documents are closed.. Please comply with these in order to guarantee a quick and seamless funding process. 

  3. After the notification of funding from the bank is received, DLR Financial will then send the dealer a full profit breakdown of the deal including a full sale detail, ACH remittance, and an optional accounting breakdown of the deal. 

  4. Upon receiving this profit breakdown, please be advised that DLR Financial will be issuing an ACH for its cut of the deal and the remittals for any products sold to be sent directly to the insurance company. 

Note: The dealer is responsible for all state titling and lien security required by the lender. 

Please direct any questions you may have to Matt Wyatt at or Jesse Lawson at

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